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The DS Lociler system gives you the abilty to test the 13 FBI core CODIS regions at a significantly lower cost than by using systems designed by other corporations.


For those not technically minded, the 13 FBI CODIS regions include the 8 regions that interpol uses as their standard set of recognized regions. The complete set of 13 were chosen in 1999 to be the standard set of 13
for forenisc and other profiling systems and has been adopted by most governments of the world. Using the same regions as other governments allows you to better share and swap data that is obviously going to be
more usuful and relevant since the regions tested are the same.


The DS- Lociler system has another unique advantage in that it can run on any DNA analysis equipment and therefore you do not need to purchase expensive multi-lazer flourescent systems, or be locked into using other company's expensive reagents and consumables.


The DS - Lociler can run on any system you are using, even including silver staining!


Ideally the DS - Lociler can be run extremely inexpensivly on the DNA SOLUTIONS Gene Scan, which has minimal operating costs once the initial unit has been purchased. The DS Gene Scan can analyse ANY DNA product (less than 600 base pairs is optimal for high resolution). The DS Gene Scan can determine products to 1 base pair and can also be used for sequencng.


To know more about the DS Gene Scan, click here for more information.


The DS Locilers advantage comes from the DNA products which have been designed not to have overlapping allele sizes. Therefore less flouresent labels are required, reducing cost and reducing the need for multiple lazers and detectors in analysis equipment, which in turn drastically reduces set-up cost and possible breakdowns and repairs.


All equipment, from thermal cyclers to real time DNA fragment size analyser can be supplied at prices not found anywhere else in the world. There is a definate price advantage to using Australian quality technology at Australian dollar prices.